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TAUBER is a company with over 400 employees, which has been active in Germany for more than 50 years. The history of the company TAUBER begins with the founding of the Tauber Spezialbau 1964 as a UXO clearing company by Kilian-Alois Tauber in Würzburg. Due to the challenges of the salvage of UXOs, the company also increasingly specialized in civil engineering. From this specialization, Tauber Rohrbau GmbH & Co. KG developed the segment of the system builder in 1972.

Further specializations have been made by TAUBER in the field of UXO clearance to the full-range supplier from aerial photo evaluation, geophysics and salvage to the destruction of ammunition and warfare agents. For this reason, TAUBER also takes on the role of the ammunition clearance in several federal states in Germany and places the EOD units there.

TAUBER is represented nationwide with bases, which are not more than 150 km apart. TAUBER is active worldwide with its projects. TAUBER can be found in Azerbaijan and Russia, as well as in France, Portugal and Romania, on the Turkish-Syrian border and in Iraq.

TAUBER relies on experienced and well-trained employees of various professional backgrounds. For example, at TAUBER there work civil engineers, EOD operators, chemists, geophysics, surveying engineers, geographers, machine operators and craftsmen from the fields of civil engineering and mechanical engineering together in a team.


TAUBER is also active in the field of system underground engineering. Information about our services in this area can be found here: